What's New at Nissho

10-25-2005 NELCO released NetContinuum’s web application firewall “NC-2000”.
10-12-2005 NELCO announced entry of Enterprise Content Management market with ZipLip’s compliance products.
10-03-2005 NELCO released mail appliance”Symantec Mail Security 8100″.
08-04-2005 NELCO opened “Infinity Computing Square”.
05-17-2005 NELCO and Ten-artni jointly develop sales and the introduction support service of the Azul Systems product.
04-08-2005 NELCO releaseed MetroMesh router “Tropos5210” as Wireless LAN.
02-25-2005 Nelco announced the amalgamation of Nelco and NETS.
02-01-2005 Nelco released Hitachi Cable’s “Wireless IP5000″in its VoWLAN construction with Zultys “MX250”.