What's New at Nissho

12-26-2008 NELCO announced personnel changes in corporate executive and organization changes.
11-27-2008 NELCO supplies Juniper Networks’ edge router to KCT(Kurashiki CATV).
11-14-2008 Notification Regarding Market Purchases of Treasury Stock and Completion of Acquisition.
11-04-2008 NELCO released Juniper Networks’ SRX-series services gateway.
10-29-2008 NELCO reported interim results of fiscal year ending March 2009.
10-24-2008 NELCO released Oracle performance improvement support tool.
10-17-2008 NELCO released to open Juniper Networks Authorized Education Center (JNAEC)
10-06-2008 NELCO released multi vendor virtualization infrastructure construction service.
09-18-2008 NELCO opened NETFrontier Center in Shinonome.
08-12-2008 NELCO released the latest version of virtualization software, Virtual Iron Version 4.4.
08-07-2008 NELCO released 3PARs’ carbon neutral storage.
06-23-2008 NELCO released new 3D solutions.
04-23-2008 NELCO focus on enterprise LAN solution with ConSentryNetwork’s next-generation intelligent switch.
03-15-2008 Nelco became partner with Supermicro Computer, Inc.
01-30-2008 NELCO released Juniper Networks
01-29-2008 NELCO released ConSetnry Networks’ LANShield(tm) switch “CS4024X”.