Target Market

Strategic Business Line

Network Business Line

Transport Network (SDN)

The “Internet-of-Things”, where all IT devices are ubiquitously connected, requires transport-packet integrated, dynamic, ultra high-speed, high-capacity networks that guarantee end-to-end service quality.
Since 1996 Nissho Electronics has been a trusted partner of many telecom carriers and internet service providers, delivering products and professional services for customers’ critical optical/IP networks.
Being proud of our track record and leveraging our technical expertise, Nissho Electronics offers end-to-end cutting-edge transport network solutions optimized for each customer’s unique requirements from access to core networks.

Border & Edge Network (SDN & NFV)

New services, migration to the cloud, and technology innovation are driving the distribution of functions that are traditionally implemented in the core network to the network boarders and edges. The pace of innovation is being accelerated in this market. Network Function Virtualization (NFV) on an integrated platform will be the way to deliver diverse services and security that demand high quality and flexibility. Nissho Electronics has extensive experience with design and construction of IP infrastructure as well as VoIP/Session Border Controller services and video content delivery networks, and offers its unique Application Aware Network solutions tailored for each customer’s requirement.

Data Center & Over-the-Top Network (SDN & NFV)

The growth of cloud-based services is driving demand for data center business. Many companies are deploying solutions to simplify networks within a data center; virtualization, automation, and distribution across multiple sites are some of the needs of dynamic and streamlined cloud service delivery. Technology including the integration of networking, computing, and storage is evolving towards an open data center.
Nissho Electronics offers an optimal service infrastructure based on state-of-the-art technology such as OpenStack, OpenFlow and Software Defined Network (SDN).

Computing Business Line

Client Computing

An advanced mobile work environment, where one can do work anywhere, anytime and with any device, improves employee productivity. Nissho Electronics’ mobility solutions enable enterprises who wish to improve their competitiveness through work style innovation and versatility.

Server Computing

Nissho Electronics offers an ICT infrastructure taking advantage of its storage solution that is suitable for data repositories, data management, all the way to big data. It is also a ticket to a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC).


Business Innovation

Workflow visualization, electronic reports and documents; Nissho Electronics supports customers’ business efficiency improvements with its rich experience and solutions based on Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Contents Management (ECM).

Cyber Security

The security of business-critical and confidential information is a big challenge as cloud-based services and BYOD become prevalent in enterprises. Government agencies are not the only targets of cyber attacks; increasing threats to enterprises are becoming more sophisticated and detrimental.
Nissho Electronics launched its Cyber Security Consulting Service in 2013 leveraging the alliance partnership between its parent company Sojitz Corporation and Boeing Company.
Its offerings include advanced anti-threat solutions and threat management intelligence as well as security solutions integration for user-friendly operations.

Cloud Services

As the use of cloud services and the deployment of cloud infrastructure becomes more pervasive, the need is growing for comprehensive integrated monitoring, management and operations outsourcing in highly reliable and scalable private clouds and on-premise environments. Nissho’s comprehensive cloud services, shifting its focus from conventional infrastructure-as-a-service to integration-as-a-service, comprise the total solution for BCP/DR, advanced security, and cloud migration.

Technical Services

Nissho Electronics guarantees 100% customer satisfaction with its solutions, technical capabilities, and superior support services.
From “planning and proposal” to “design and deployment” to “operations and maintenance”, Nissho Electronics delivers end-to-end services on “NET Frontier Center” throughout the ICT system lifecycle for the success of our customers.


Business Domain


Service Provider Business

The advanced networking products, solutions, and technical services Nissho Electronics offers to telecom carriers and service providers have many overseas customer references.
As a market leader, Nissho Electronics delivers great products and technical support services with confidence in areas of transport network, boarder and edge network, data center/over-the-top network, and cyber security.

Solution Partner Business

Specializing in collaboration with network and system integrators, Solution Partner Business Group of Nissho Electronics adds more value to our partner companies’ solutions with our unique and competitive products.
In addition to hardware, solutions including planning, deployment, operations and maintenance services are also delivered through our partners.

Business Innovation Business

Understanding the customer’s business issues (e. g. productivity improvement, cost reduction, customer loyalty enhancement), solutions and services tailored for each customer’s unique requirements are offered to enterprises and system integrators in financial markets as well as BPO service providers.
Having business process solutions on BPM/ECM platforms, claims management systems, business process re-engineering services, telematics cloud, system and application development and maintenance support, BPO, cloud/SaaS in our service catalogue, Nissho Electronics is the one-stop service provider for you.

Enterprise Business

For enterprise, education, and government customers, Nissho Electronics offers unique solutions and services ranging from server computing, client computing, data center/over-the-top network, cyber security and cloud services.
It supports customers’ innovation with its technical expertise as a differentiator and great value through customers’ business transformation.

Overseas Business

In order to expand its business as a network integration specialist and better respond to ever-evolving customer requirements, Nissho Electronics established local subsidiaries in Vietnam and Indonesia in the ASEAN region with advanced engineering labs aiming to be the true local “Solution & Service Creator.”