What We Do

Since 1985, Nissho Electronics has focused on key business services to leverage our core competencies and position in the market place including, marketing and business development, logistics and operations, investment, incubation, corporate establishment, and sales.

Business Development

Business Development in the US for Nissho Electronics USA means bringing a level of clarity, speed, and depth in communication more often associated with local distributors. For over two decades and across the full spectrum of information technology industries, Nissho Electronics USA has introduced new, potential US partners and continues supporting the business expansion of existing US partners to the Japanese and other Asian markets. Those years of experience translate to a unique insight of what works and what doesn’t in the introduction and development process. With successes ranging from small garage style startups to multi-billion dollar public companies, desktop software to carrier grade IP/DWDM systems, and OEM to end-user/2nd tier deals, Nissho Electronics USA draws on solid successes when assisting our US partners’ efforts in Japan and Asia.


For over 20 years, Nissho Electronics USA has worked with our affiliated companies to selectively invest in US technology companies. Such investments, while uncommon, are primarily done for strategic purposes with only a secondary equity goal.

Japan Office Establishment

After reaching a certain stage of development, after one or two years of continuous sales, some US partners choose to establish a Japan or other Asian office. A successful international office is about people and processes. With a clear understanding of the process, a deep knowledge of the market and key movers in the industry, and several previous successes, Nissho Electronics USA is well positioned to assist with our US partners’ Japan or Asian office establishment.

US and Overseas Sales

Nissho Electronics USA, conducts both end-user and OEM deals in the US for select technologies and customers. These efforts are often opportunity driven, applying to the specific needs of our unique North American customer network, and are independent of any other business relationships we have with our US partners. In addition, our US sales activities allow customers with international offices to fully utilize Nissho Electronics’ broad geographical support capabilities for consistent deployment and support expectations.