Who We Are

Since our foundation in 1969, we at Nissho Electronics have brought the world’s most advanced technologies to an ever-wider segment of the Japanese and Asian market. We provide clients with practical technical solutions and with extensive experience and expertise that is based on the strong bonds we have woven with our customers and with cutting edge companies.

Acting as a strategic partner, we focus all our resources on meeting the needs of our clients. Through corporate group synergy and the cooperative relationships we share with pioneering ICT companies, we are constantly bringing new technologies to light. Our commitment has always been to provide our customers with state-of-the-art technologies, and we will continue to do so in an ever developing ICT world.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Nissho Electronics USA Corporation was established and continues our commitment to vastly improving the business development challenges faced by best-in-breed companies when entering the Japanese and Asian market, maintaining a depth of communication between all parties in an effort to efficiently facilitate continual revenue and share growth, and offering essential logistical and financial support services. As a local US presence, Nissho Electronics USA Corporation is also uniquely positioned to find new best-in-breed companies to introduce to the Japanese and Asian market.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to developing technology markets in Japan and ASIA by bridging the gap in communication between our US partners and our Japanese and Asian Corporation. Having our headquarters in Silicon Valley and with daily international correspondence, we provide the communication depth and speed to accelerate your international business to Japan and ASIA

The key focus of the Marketing and Business Development team is communication speed and accuracy. On a daily basis our team members corresponds with key divisions within Nissho Electronics Japan and its subsidiaries to ensure we fully understand the Japan and Asian market requirements. Nissho Electronics USA, with staff in Silicon Valley and native language abilities in both the English and Japanese, is uniquely positioned to ensure the right message and nuance gets across to the right people.

To help you optimize your sales and marketing strategies for Japan and Asian market development, you need information on the various regions. With a 200+ high-touch customer network, 2,000+ mid-touch customers, and tens of thousands of customers through our 2nd tier channel network, we can provide information from an overall market perspective down to a granular customer view across the entire range of potential vertical markets.

Nissho Electronics USA Corporation has supported our US partners for well over 20 years. From Series A and B startups to multi-billion dollar public companies, Nissho Electronics has a successful track record across a broad range of technology companies and is dedicated to continuing our efforts as your gateway to Japan and ASIA.

Nissho Electronics USA Corporation

With office in Silicon Valley, Nissho Electronics USA Corporation major services include marketing and business development, investment, incubation, corporate establishment, and sales in the US and overseas.

Since 1985, Nissho Electronics USA Corporation has sought and supported large American ICT corporations, venture capital concerns, universities, and other research institutions, and acts as a gateway for new technologies entering the Japanese and Asian market. The company also provides suppliers in North America with feedback concerning the Japanese and Asian market so that products can more closely match customer needs.

Established 1985
Headquarters San Jose, CA
President Mizuki Enomoto
Employees 4 (April 2019)


Nissho Electronics Corporation

Nissho Electronics principal role is to provide Japanese and Asian market with advanced products incorporating new technologies, as well as to offer new approaches. Working with our customers, we identify leading edge technologies that best meet their current and future needs, helping them find ways to utilize technology to open up new worlds of possibility.

Nissho Electronics expertise encompasses the marketing of advanced technology in a range of fields, combining information, telecommunications, and electronics. We work jointly with manufacturers to develop products, at times creating our own value-added products in line with our customers’ needs. As a creative force with strong research and development capabilities, we play a unique role, one that transcends the activities of a mere trading company or manufacturer.

Nissho Electronics stresses close communication with its customers, working together with them to create the best systems for their specific situations. We provide analysis of customer needs, optimal system definition, and related services such as operations support and maintenance, through the exercise of our solid in-house technical expertise and support capabilities. We thus offer a full range of services, sparing no effort to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Established February, 1969
Capital $145M (¥99=$1.00)
President & CEO Masakazu Okamura
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Employees 1059 (Consolidated)

www.nissho-ele.co.jp/e-HP/e-index.html (English)
www.nissho-ele.co.jp (Japanese)