Who We Are

President Message

Especially, Nissho Electronics USA has made great contributions to the prosperity of Nissho Electronics Group by being the hub for discovering innovation at the Silicon Valley in the U.S. since its establish in 1985. We have discovered state-of-the-art technologies, products and services, moreover, have supported new start-up companies in their successful operation launching overseas.

We believe that further innovations in the area of cloud computing services, network technology and information terminals will bring major changes to the ICT industry.

Nissho Electronics USA supports the overseas business development of ICT-related visionary companies that drive the future of this industry in our spirits of entrepreneurship and strong leadership, furthermore, to fulfill our mission, we promote “the establishment of an advanced information society” and “a provision of optimal work-life balance with a high level of happiness” in Japan as well as entire Asia.

Mizuki Enomoto