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What We do

We believe startup founders can change the world.

Entrepreneurs have clear visions and vitality for the future world. To change the world better place, they defy the status quo, come up with breakthroughs and innovations, and take a risk to win. Nissho Electronics USA will make their dream come true to grow it into a world-changing business.

Our Team

We are all professionals and always with you

Startups in Silicon Valley are seeking customers in Japan. We know who they are and how to approach them. We also know what startups are. Our professional staff will help them to achieve their goals.


Let’s open the way just like our successful partners

We have been so successful in Silicon Valley for more than 35 years due to our accumulated successful experiences in partnering with startups. There were some mistakes but we leant from them, which has helped us to cement true partnerships with startups.

About Us

Our goal is to promote open innovations between our customers and startups and transform their innovations into business. We are down to earth and understand DX for customers in the truest sense. We come up with out-of-box paradoxical business models. Our DNA is to create something new business from the scratch or ”Zero to One” with both customers and startups.