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Nissho Electronics USA team have a lot of experience in sales, marketing and business development.We can create new business with startups and accelerate it globally. Our mind “Zero to One” makes startups a success.

Manabu NittaLinkedIn

After joining Nissho Electronics in 1998, Manabu has held business development, marketing, product planning and development roles in the network business area for both service provider and enterprise customer segments.
Since 2013, he has been stationed in Silicon Valley for three years, investing in partner companies, promoting business development in the APAC market, and experiencing many innovations.
After returning to Japan, he brought cutting edge start-up SaaS solution, such as NewRelic and Zoom into the Japanese market, before their establishment of Japanese corporations. Furthermore, he strongly felt the necessity of simplifying the IT environment in the multi-cloud era, he led development of Nissho Electronics’ own multi-cloud service and took on the challenge of transforming our own’s business model.
In 2022, Manabu is back in Silicon Valley. Make life more meaningful and fun through innovation!Under this motto, Manabu is following not only on cutting-edge technology, but also on providing new corporate value through open innovation and co-creating businesses with our customers.

Takashi MommaLinkedIn

After joining Nissho Electronics in 2007, Takashi was get in charge of Business Development and Marketing of Network and Security products such as Arbor Networks (currently Netscout).
In 2022, he has joined Nissho Electronics USA as Business Development manager.
He is working to provide the latest information on Silicon Valley and develop a business model based on open innovation in order to realize our goal of “business co-creation with customers.”
His hobby is playing soccer.

Yuki TakeuchiLinkedIn

Yuki joined Nissho Electronics in 2011.
After ten years of sales and business development experience toward major Japanese telecom carriers and OTT operators in the network product segment, he led the SaaS business in the collaboration services portfolios such as reselling Zoom and Asana as Business Development and Marketing manager.
Since he was transferred to Nissho USA, in 2023, he has been dedicated to finding solutions that can enhance the competitiveness and productivity of Japanese companies through IT.
His responsibilities encompass various domains, including general IT infrastructure, SaaS, Future of Work, and Retail Tech.
Apart from his work, he enjoys surfing and mountain climbing as his hobbies.